Monday, December 06, 2004


Ugh oh...The whole month of November is gone and here I freeze - dreaming and plotting to blog a novel! Yeah, and Nanoblogmo has already figured me in their list as Story teller! Oops, now I am trapped coz I will have to think n think n start blogging a novel. There, I am impressed with so many Bloggers writing tales untold and yep, there is Uber's posts at and I got captivated..Ohhh...could a journalist, educationist, pianist, book lover and web designer like me turn into a story teller??? well, well, well..This is a challenge. I gotta try! n sure I would..let's say 'Romance soup for soul'? O yeah, got the theme...this is one topic I never touched 'Romance' to pen why not try! Guess, till the end of time, Romance never dies in the minds of people who stay young whooosh, here I go....Wait till I set my Plot and come back to see a bubbling romance writer coming up...LoL


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